The Study is a strategic B2B communications agency, helping clients develop their businesses through long-term communications. We believe your business is part of an ecosystem interwoven by the Internet. We believe that communicating your approach to solving your clients problems, rather than communicating about your product generates greater impact.

We do this by engaging buyers and stakeholders in dialogue via owned, paid and earned media. Research and a full understanding of your business lies at the foundation of everything we do. Hence our name, The Study.


“People don’t buy into your product. They buy into your approach to solving their problem.”


A company is essentially a cluster of individuals. A collection of human beings working in a group. Take a moment and consider two companies in the same industry, let's say they have access to the same resources and talent, they will still produce inherently different products and services. Why? Well, because, no company makes something the exact same way as another.

All companies are founded and driven by something which connects these individuals, and which ultimately is the driving force behind what they do and how they do it. We call it, the approach. All companies are founded on and driven by their approach, no matter if it is articulated or not.

A company's approach is made up of the collected beliefs, opinions and philosophy of its people. Beliefs, opinions and philosophies of how to solve their clients problems. It's also a reflection of the company's outlook of the world, and ultimately it's reason for being. Its purpose, if you will.

So, in a competitive market where businesses usually market their HOW, communicating your approach provides the B2B buyer with the valuable answers as to WHY choose a certain partner. Why does this company's product work like this? Why have they taken away this and added this instead? Why is it priced like this? Why have they decided to provide this service, and why have they chosen these components in their solution?

Your business' approach is what ultimately interests the B2B buyer. Because by answering the WHY, you can give buyers the complete picture of how your company answers to their needs. If the B2B buyer, the person, can comprehend and be convinced of your company's motifs, philosophy and belief systems then they have a sound argument as to WHY your business can help them. Not only today, but in the future as well.

As the B2B purchase is akin to entering a partnership, how your business develops in the future impacts the progress of the buyers business as well. The approach becomes an indicator of where your products or services are heading, a prediction on the likelihood of a long and prosperous partnership.

The approach also provides explanation on how your business differentiates from the competition. Because, just like DNA, the approach determines why your business does the things it does and why it does it the way it does.

The approach has the power to inspire, connect with the buyers intellect, generate agreement and become a persuasive argument worthy of dialogue

The approach differentiates you from competitors in a way that is impossible to communicate through generic USP's, technical specifications, price, performance and quality promises. Or with ineffective consumer branding tactics, which are usually pretty over-simplified messages dressed to evoke emotions.

Take a look at Simon Sineks TED talk, where he convincingly explains how answering the WHY inspires people.



The days when IT was considered innovative and part of the exciting new future are long gone. IT is now an integral part of business and the market is thick with competition. HiQ is an IT-consultancy company with 1400 employees in the Nordics. Their goal was to climb the value chain to become more of a business partners to their clients, rather than consultants brought in to work on isolated projects. At the same time, HiQ needed to get people to understand that they work with the exciting and innovative part of IT, the fun stuff! In order to keep attracting the best minds out there.



Imagine being able to send adverts to peoples mobile phones based on their age, gender, whereabouts and interests. The promised world of mobile advertising means new hope for operators looking for new revenue streams. But also new hope for the advertising industry. Ericsson launched AdMarket, a solution connecting buyers and providers to make targeted mobile advertising a possibility. Only problem was that Ericsson had no credibility in this immature market.


The Study was founded in 2009 and is run by long time partners and B2B communications specialists, Vicky Stiller and Mark Robinson. Collectively we have 30 years of experience from developing integrated communications programs globally for clients such as:


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